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Networking VFWs since 2002, departments, posts, members & auxiliaries have supported the efforts of a small family of volunteers committed to putting the power of the media into the hands of veterans and local communities.

Thanks to VFW departments Missouri, Virginia, Delaware and others, the My VFW Network has been provided at no cost to any post, district or department for over 15 years!


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For centuries the media has told the story of the veteran.  Our mission puts the power of media in the hands of vets so they can tell their own story without compromise, and without cost.

All The Bells & Whistles

Get mobile, optimized and online with E-commerce, forms, custom builds, SEO, social networking, newsletters, calendars, integrations & more—the My VFW Network team is here to provide.  Our volunteer force is still alive and set on fulfilling the dream of a stronger community that values independence, speech, service and sacrifice.


Information architecture

The My VFW Network is where VSOs independently work together.  Each site can be unique with an unlimited number to posts, districts or departments to serve their organizational purposes and programs, enjoin contributors, editors & administrators with multi-level access.  See User Agreement


Membership Strategy

Potential new members are NOT looking for the national or departmental VFW.  They are seeking contact with their local post.  My VFW Network gives local VSOs a way to instantly connect with their community without the expense other services demand.

Control & Development

It’s your face online.  Lift-it.  Give it a make-over.  Make it your own.  Need help?  We are a click away and always working to make your Web experience better. 

The Original

We’ve lead the charge and all others follow. Unlike other programs that cost our organization thousands, My VFW is built by auxiliary members who have been mentored by national, state & local officers, members, many of whom we honor posthumously through our commitment for veterans who taught us to “put the post first.”

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Make Your Content a Priority.

We certainly will.

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And make your members a star.   The good work of our volunteers deserves recognition that won’t be lost in social media.

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More sites, more traffic, more members, better community.

Turn your traffic into loyal supporters and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

The first network post user, longest and most prolific administrator hails from VFW Department MO and Post 3770.  Iris Joe Kelley has been a network manager since 2004.  Reach out to Joe at VFW MO.

Our most recent departmental partner and one of the quickest learners on the network.  Meet My VFW OK!

VFW VA has worked with our volunteers since 2004 and has been network active for many years.  Most recently, My VFW has network services in support of the VFW VA Auxiliary.

VFW NH is the current department home to our auxiliary volunteers where My VFW launched the first Auxiliary Network.

Though we’ve been to the National table many times, this is NOT a VFW HQ endorsed program.  Still, we invite you to visit some of our participating posts or to sign up your own here 

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DOD Announces New Prescription Drug Policy

The DOD has announced a new TRICARE policy that will require military retirees and family members to obtain certain prescription drugs through the mail or at a military treatment facility (MTF).

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