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The District uses a program called HTTP:// for there Phone tree system.  Access is controlled by the Commander presently Sr. Vice Commander John Burgess is operating it.  There are a total of 50 names that can be placed on the list at a monthly charge of $15.00 a month, donated by John Burgess.  If Gods willing and he is commander next year he will pay for it one more year.  The district needs to vote to continue it after John has completed his commandership(Knock on wood).

An open Invitation to the Ladies President to use the phone tree still stands.  In fact John Burgess has requested that a lady if willing would make the announcements.  A women’s voice is always more pleasant than mine(John Burgess).  The system can be dialed by any phone unless it is targeted to a certain group.  Then it must be set up by computer and John Burgess is willing to train some volunteer.

Click here  for a sign up sheet or e-mail or Call 904 252-9497

Priority to get on the list is as follows:

1.  All District and Aux Officers

2.  Post Commanders and Presidents

3.  Past District Commanders and Presidents

4. Cooties

Here is the present list:

 Dave  Amberson  5968   PDC
 Douglas  Bagasarian  3270 Commander
 Harold  Baldwin  4761 Commander
 Arden  Battle  4761 Dist Jr Vice Commander
 Jan  Beland  5968 Billy’s Girl
 Barbara  Bobbitt  1689 Past Dist LAVFW Prez
 Steve  Buckingham  2391 Cmdr
 Don  Bult  11406 Post / Dist Qmast  PDC
 John  Burgess  8255 Dist Sr Vice Cmdr
 Desiree  Centalonza  5968 Dist Prez
 Jean  Clark  5968 PDP
 Carolyn  Cornwell  1899 PDP
 Gail  Davis  11406 Dist Adjutant
 Chris  Dicks  4351 Post Commander
 Joyce  Dumas  5968 Post Prez
 Patricia  Edwards  3270 Post Prez  PDP
 Chris  Ellis  PDC
 Lee  Fair  3270 PDC
 Ray  Forest  8255 MOC Seemsquirel
 Nick  Gatto  8255 OOD
 Gene  Hall  7909 PDC Past State CMDR
 Pam  Hamilton  7909 LAVFW PDP
 Bill  Handson  5968 Post CMDR
 Robert  Hernandez  7909 Dist Chaplain
 Larry  Hill  1988 Cmdr
 Steve  Holland  1689 media relations
 Daisy  Jones  4761 Dist LAVFW Guard
 George  Jones  8255 Post Qmaster PDC
 Jo  Kelly  5968  MOCA Dist Prez
 Howard  Maas  7909 PDC
 Mac  Mclucas  5968  Sr Vice Commander
 Bill  McQuaig  1689 Dist Judge Adv
 Sue  Melogy  4351 Post Prez
 Gary  Money  4351 PDC
 Carol  Newberg  8255 LAVFW Prez
 Karen  Nigara  1689 Dist Sr Vice Cmdr
 Karren  Patten  1988 Post Prez
 Regina  Purcell  4761 Post Prez
 mathew  Rohn  11406 Cmdr
 Mike  Sain  10095 Post Commander
 Steve  Schneider  8255 Post Cmdr
 Linda and Harry  Seiler  7909 PDP and Harry
 Katie  Smailis  5968 PDC
 Debbie  Tilley  2391 Post Prez
 Robert  Williams  1689 Cmdr
 Glenn and Katty  Wright  7909 Post Cmdr Kathy Post Prez


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