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Veterans of Foreign Wars District 6 Florida

District 6 covers the northeast region of Florida. The following counties; Clay, Duval, Nassua, St Johns. The First Coast Posts!


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Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department Florida, District Six Directory of Official web sites and communication media   District 6 Access John Burgess 
Post 1689 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin UNKOWN

Post 1988 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Carolyn Cornwell and District 6 John Burgess

Post 2391  Admin UNKNOWN District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Redirect site to Post Paid site. Admin Glen Tilley District 6 ADMIN John Burgess

Post 3270  District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin Unknown

Post 4351 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess ADMIN Toni Ferraro

Post 4761 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin: Dale Wilson , Arden Battle, District 6 ADMIN John Burgess

Post 5968 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin Steve Pilz, Robert R Barton Jr, Closed Group Admin: Steve Pilz, Robert R Barton Jr

Post 7909 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Randy Martin, Linda Seiler, District 6 ADMIN John Burgess

Post 8255 Admin UNKNOWN Tomas Rentz, District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin Thomas Rentz, Editor District 6 ADMIN John Burgess ADMIN Carol Newberg

Post 10095 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess Admin James Stevens

Post 11406  Since: August 5th 1992 ADMIN: James G., ADMIN Jim G.

Post 12142 District 6 ADMIN John Burgess and Frederick Johnstone.  Editor: AJ Sartin ADMIN’s District 6 John Burgess and Frederick Johnstone

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