Jun 25

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VFW Washington Weekly – June 25, 2010

 In This Issue:
1. Senior Officer Changes
2. South Korean Presidential Thank You
3. Senate Discusses Military Suicides
4. House VA Committee Hearings
5. U.S.-Russia Joint Commission Update
6. WW I Marine Identified
7. Help VFW Win $250,000 Grant
1. Senior Officer Changes: The president on Wednesday nominated U.S. Central Command commander Gen. David Petraeus to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal as overall commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan.  The action was based on an in depth magazine article in which McChrystal and his senior staff were portrayed as being publicly insubordinate towards the White House and senior administration and diplomatic officials.  "I welcome debate, but I won't tolerate division," said the president.  Petraeus' nomination requires Senate confirmation.  A replacement for Petraeus at CENTCOM has yet to be named.
2. South Korean Presidential Thank You: Today marks the 60 anniversary of the start of the Korean War, and the Republic of Korea wants to personally thank every veteran of that war for their service and sacrifice on behalf of South Korea's freedom.  According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, almost 1.8 million servicemen and women served in-theater during the three-year war that resulted in 33,739 combat deaths and more than 103,000 woundings.  A letter signed by South Korean President Lee Myung-bako is available online at http://eng.koreanwar60.go.kr/apply.asp or by writing to: U.S. Branch, ROK 60th AKW Commemoration Committee, 2450 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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