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Commander’s Corner

April 2014


drag bingo 3

Drag Queens Return

Due to popular demand, we have scheduled a return performance of Drag Queen Bingo. The date is Saturday, April 19th at 6 PM.

Winter Season Thanks

Now that our Winter season is coming to a close, I want to thank all of you who have volunteered your time for our Post.  CRISPY CHICKEN crew, you have done an outstanding job cooking and serving our delicious dinner.  Mexican Lunch Crew,  our Breakfast Crew, The Horse Race Crew, The  Pizza Crew and to those of you who helped me with Bango.  Our Saturday lunch was made by Linda Ross and Beckie King and Thurday night food was made by Beckie King.  Thank you.  To all of you  who helped with our Friday night dinners—thank you.  Especially to Claudia Butz and Jeanette Smallwood, I thank you for every time I needed help and for every time I didn’t know I needed help you baled me out—Thank You!  Thank you Steve & Carol Kerby for all your help with various projects, Garnett Manusos who cashiered for our lunches all season long—Thank you.  Ed & Carla Stockel, you introduced our Post to Poppy Boards and Calendars and volunteered behind the scene—Thank you.  Last, but not least, I thank my wife, Linda, for all her support and help.  She is the “idea” person in our family and is always willing to help get things accomplished.  Sunday Burger crew many thanks.

Race Track Closes

Another Horse Race Season is ending.  The last race is April 1st at 6 pm.  Pizza will be served from 5—7.    Thank you for making Horse Race night so fun.  See you all at the track when it reopens next season.

I want to thank Ron King for posting our events on our outdoor sign every day of the year for many years.  Rain or shine he is out there.  Thank you to Lloyd Buck for keeping our web page current.


Keith Keefer,  Commander


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