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This is the page to assist everyone involved with getting the word out, a go to page.  COMMCOMM came from a committee I had when I was commander at Post 8255, COMMunications COMMittee.  This page is a reference page for how our Post gets the word out.  Not a page authorizing a formation of a committee.  Only the Commander or President can form committees.


Jody Wood Is the Newsletter Editor.  All Newsletter articles come from the Commander and President of the Auxiliary with the commander as the final word.

Newsletter is posted on the Posts site under Newsletter collection

Newsletter Sign up for E-mail can be found two places 1)



Post Mass E-mail Account used to send information to members and friends of our Post.

DOCS.COM is an online showroom where you can collect and publish Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint and Office Mix presentations, OneNote notebooks, PDF files, and Sways. With, it’s easy for you to share with others what interests you, and your content looks great on any device.

We use it to display our Newsletter, Calendar, Flyers and Thank You letters.  Controlled by Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and controlled by the Commander.

It falls under E-mail Address Access is controlled by webmaster with approval of Commander.


Our Post Website is controlled By a company that provides free websites to the VFW VIA the State VFW commander.  Access is controlled primarily by the state but has granted each Post commander to appoint a webmaster.  Our Post webmaster is John Burgess 904-252-9497 he has cleaned it to be a static page where Facebook and handles most information.  Twitter account is also being looked at for the Post.


Facebook offers a wide variety of products and services, including communications and advertising platforms.


New Page looking fore help with it.

All below names are approved by the Commander.  If you are interested in helping contact the Commander.

John Burgess Post Webmaster Controls all access to theses platforms 904-252-9497

If your Name is on this list you must inform me if you want your contact information put here.

Joddy Wood (E) John Burgess (A) John Burgess (A) John Burgess (A) John Burgess (A) John Burgess (A)  
Linda Seiler (AT) Kathy Wright (A) JodyWood (A)   Randy Martin (A)    
  Linda Seiler (A)     Linda Seiler (A)    
   Jody Wood (A)     Bobby Joe Jones (E)    
        Linda Keen Johnson (E)    
        Debbie DuBosar (E)    

Note: (A) Administrator (E) Editor (AT) Assistant

Help Videos

John Burgess has established a page to help Posts with Internet issues.  along with a post locator and membership page  V


The Post Communication sites

It has been brought to my attention that we are using different sites in our e-mail to our members. Admins that post email campaigns to our members please verify with this e-mail what you post please. To our members we are only human and are all volunteers please be patient with us. We are saving hundreds of dollars by doing this ourselves. That in turn goes to helping our veterans and their families.

Official website list Our WEBSITE Newsletter, Calendar, Flyers FACEBOOK Twitter (NEW) Looking for help

Emails Official Commander Auxiliary Webmaster DoNotReply Used for admin Website Admin e-mail

We will try and update this list when things change or are added. We made this a plain text email to without lots of graphics so it should be easier to copy links. We will place this on the CommComm tab of our official website (LINKABLE).

If you are interested in helping the Post with Internet presence please contact the Commander. The Commander will give the webmaster permission to give you access and training.

Very Respectfully
for the Commander
John Burgess


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