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Jun 12

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I am John Burgess past District 6 Commander and I have been asked by the incoming commander Robert Hernandez to handle the district web presence.  Along with helping Post commanders with their Post Web presence. 

I currently have a list developed of who is who posted on the District 6 web site.  Please review and let me know if you see any updates that I need.  http://myvfw.org/fl/dist6/posts/

I am always looking for help with the web presence.  I am also looking for the free and easiest way to handle it.  “I WILL ALSO TRAIN”.

If you are interested in:

  1. Web page design using WordPress
  2. Facebook Pages/Groups
  3. Free Mail program MailChimp.com
  4. Phone Tree (NOT Free) Call-em-all.com
  5. Microsoft products.
  6. Google Maps


I also have taken on a challenge of creating and maintaining a District 6 Newsletter (Online Only)

If you are an experienced in the web development we are looking for an Assistant to my position.  I have always said that our programs are greater than one person that an assistant to me would be invaluable in case (God Forbid) something happens to me.  The Assistant can run with the ball.

Do you want to help your Post?  If you are not experienced I will be glad to TRAIN. 

I look forward to the upcoming year.  I am excited on what we can do together.  I hope you get involved.  Look forward to some great changes after the Convention. (June 22, 2017)

Your Truly

John Burgess


(904) 252-9497


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