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Steering Committee

Steering Committee, Steering the Post into the Future

Steering Committee Meets every first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm,  meeting are formally held at the Post. 
Committee members are
1.  John Burgess            Chairman voted by committee at first meeting in June. 
2.  Jerry Sandlin 
3. Roger Smith
4.  Larry Brinley
5.  John Pangos
6. ______________,
7. ______________,
 Commander and Quartermaster are automatically voting members per there positions. 
Non voting representative of the
Carol Meadows Ladies Auxiliary
Curtis Vining Men’s Auxiliary 
These members serve the post at the discretion of the Commander, representatives at the recommendation of presidents of each auxiliaries.
Steering Committee presents to the membership monthly at the general meeting a recommended project/task priority list. 

Five Year Plan

  • Year One: 2014-15  Commander Tomm Rentz  Quarter Master Steve Schneider  
        • Policy Development
        • Building Capacity vs. Future growth
        • Planning
        • Integration of  existing programs
        • Training
        • Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan

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    • Year Two: 2015-16
      • Assessment
      • Implementation of programs
      • Continuous Improvement
    • Year Three: 2016-17
      • Assessment
      • Implementation of programs
      • Continuous Improvement
    • Years Four and Five: 2017-2019
      • Progress Reports
      • Continuous Improvement
    • Final Reports: 2019
      • Full compliance and final assessments

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