May 16

Help Build the VFW Veterans Memorial Wall


In honor of Memorial Day, VFW is launching The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall Campaign.

As a tribute to all of the proud men and women who have served our country and live on in our memories, we are building a virtual memorial on our website- The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall.

The goal of the campaign is to collect the names of 10,000 veterans – spanning every generation – and memorialize them in the inaugural launch.

The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall will be viewed by the thousands of people who visit our site each year and serve as a reminder of the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for our freedom.

We want to ensure that not one single veteran is ever forgotten.

They helped make this the greatest country in the world. And we have a duty to make sure that their dedication to this country is remembered long after they are gone.

Add your loved one’s name to The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall today.

Add a Veteran

But hurry! You must send your submission by Memorial Day – May 30th – in order for your loved one to be a part of the inaugural launch of The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall.

And please take a moment to forward this message to your family and friends so they can honor the memory of their hero.

Forward to a Friend

Once The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall is launched, we will email you the link so that you can view your loved one’s name and share it with others.

Thank you for remembering our veterans!

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May 12

Your Invitation to Join the Conversations

(click on image

You are invited to visit and join in the conversations in the VFW Membership Forum, over 150 members strong and growing.

The forum is a central location in the VFW WebCOM Network where we cross pollinate ideas, look for lost buddies, connect the things that work and discuss those things that aren't.

Feel free to link to your post weblogs if you have a story to share with all membership or if you see an interesting article somewhere on the internet that you feel more veterans might be interested in, by all means, share that too.

As this board becomes more active, we may also seek your help in moderating one or more sections of the Forum, so if you're interested in playing a bigger role let one of the Admins know.

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May 11

Get Your VFW Department Toolbar Today!

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Each time you search anywhere on the web from your toolbar you generate fractions of a penny for the Organization..
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