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Downloadable Reports/General Orders/Headquarters Bulletins and Documents

Department Officers and Committees

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Awards Programs

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Chairperson Reports

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Chairperson Reports Archives

[download id=”120″]
August 2012 Chairperson Report
September 2012 Chairperson Report
December 2012 Chairperson Report
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[download id=”240″]
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General Orders

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[download id=”317″]
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[download id=”345″]
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[download id=”366″]
[download id=”399″]

General Orders Archives
[download id=”167″]
[download id=”208″]
[download id=”225″]
[download id=”241″]
[download id=”119″]
August 2012 General Orders
September 2012 General Orders
December 2012 General Orders
[download id=”176″]
[download id=”208″}

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Headquarters Bulletins

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[download id=”318″]
[download id=”338″]
[download id=”346″]
[download id=”359″]
[download id=”367″]
[download id=”398″]

HQ Bulletin Archives

[download id=”121″]
August 2012 HQ Bulletin
September 2012 HQ Bulletin
December 2012 H Q Bulletin
[download id=”177″]
[download id=”209″]
[download id=”227″]
[download id=”239″]
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[download id=”38″]
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[download id=”40″]
[download id=”100″]
[download id=”101″]
[download id=”102″]
[download id=”103″]
[download id=”104″]

Council Meeting Minutes

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[download id=”53″]
[download id=”105″]
[download id=”123″]
[download id=”124″]
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[download id=”352″]



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Department By-Laws/Canteen Rules

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