Now you can stay on top of all the latest information no matter where you are in the My VFW Network.

Just look at the bottom of each page in the network. You’ll see a new toolbar which will make navigating around the network much easier. On the toolbar you can:

  • Search the My VFW Network
  • Join a chatroom with other network users.
  • See how many other users are on the network
  • Click on “Network News” and see all the latest news stories from anywhere in the network.
  • Keep track of the latest conversations in the VFW Forum.
  • Join our My VFW social network.
  • See the latest story posted by a random VFW Post.
  • Zoom back to the top of the page you are viewing.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Share pages via email, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Become a fan and join our Facebook community
  • and even post to your Twitter account right from the toolbar.

Keeping up to date with the My VFW Network has never been so easy!