In This Issue:
1. House VA Budget Update
2. Senate VA Committee Update
3. House VA Committee Hearings
4. President Announces New Afghanistan Strategy
5. VA Provides Precautionary Screenings
6. Veterans Data Theft Settlement
1. House VA Budget Update: The House Budget Committee this week provided a large increase in funding for VA in its budget resolution. The $53.3 billion increase, which excludes third-party collections, represents $5.5 billion more than last year, and is in line with recommendations made by the Independent Budget, which VFW coauthors. The historic increase will help VA to continue to provide high quality care to veterans of past wars, as well as meeting the unique needs of current OIF/OEF veterans. VFW thanks Chairman John Spratt (D-SC) and all the members of the committee for their strong leadership and advocacy on behalf of veterans. This is the first step in the budget process; the budget resolution is a blueprint for Congress to use as a guide during the appropriations process. For more, visit the House Budget Committee website at:

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