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1. IRS to Hold Super Saturday/ Stimulus Package Outreach
2. WWII MIA Identified
3. Korean War MIA Identified
4. Reserve Component Mobilization

1. IRS to Hold Super Saturday/Stimulus Package Outreach: The IRS has deemed Saturday, March 29 as “Super Saturday” in an effort to reach out to individuals who are eligible for an economic stimulus payment but do not normally file tax returns – like veterans and some retirees. To be eligible for a rebate under the recently signed Economic Stimulus package you must file a 2007 tax return by April 15. The stimulus package allows disabled veterans – whose primary income consists of VA compensation – to qualify for rebates. IRS offices will be open this Saturday to prepare the 1040A form for people who are filing a return solely to receive their stimulus payment. This links below provide information on how to file to receive your rebate.

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