Field Training (OTI)

Field Training

Field Training


In-Coming State Commander Brian Martin has set the dates for the VFW 2016-2017 Field Training dates (formally OTI).  The new training will be provide in locations throughout the state in regions.  The Training dates are all in the month of June, which will allow posts and districts to implement their programs early in the VFW year.  Any member of any post can attend any of the regional training.  “This is not just for Officers, this is for any member in good standings to be trained in the programs and positions of the VFW’, says Brian Martin.

1. Saturday June 4, 2016 OAKS BLUFF District 17

  1. 2. Saturday June 18, 2016 FLORENCE  Districts 7, 9, 11

3. Saturday June 25, 2016 METHEUN Districts 1, 10, 18

4. Sunday June 26, 2016 TOWNSEND Districts 8, 11, 15

5. DISTRICT 5, 6, 12 TBD


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