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Welcome to the My VFW MA .  Any member who wants to learn how to use and support the VFW Post organization online can by becoming users, contributors, authors & editors.  Non-members subscribe to the feed!

The My VFW Network websites are built using the powerful WordPress platform.  There is an extensive collection of how-to videos, tutorials and guides available on the Web and through links to this page.

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More Tutorials:  Once logged in, users can find tutorials in the Admin Dashboard.  Goto>Dashboard>Video Tutorials  Or  use the “Help” tab in the top right corner of the screen.

Tips for Administrators!

Create New Users.   Every member can be a contributor to their VFW post website.  You can create additional editors and authors to manage content and invite the general public to subscribe to your feed.  Learn more about User Roles>

For best use, when editing your website, we suggest  Firefox  or Chrome  Web Browsers

Use Firefox or Google Chrome Browsers when Editing Onlinechrome_logo transp

Download and install Firefox or Chrome . Keep Your Browser Updated!

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