Here’s Our Chance VFW – Message from C-I-C Thien

I cannot stress enough, the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity TSC has afforded us. As of today, only 106 Posts have registered for “A Saturday Salute” event. With over 1,200 TSC stores nationwide, this is less than 10% participation and frankly, a disappointing number.

One resounding concern I’ve heard from Posts over the years is the diminishing opportunities for recruiting, Poppy distribution and relationship building for Posts and their communities in high traffic, public locations. Well, here’s our chance. And furthermore, TSC has granted us much freedom in hosting planned activities to draw our communities in: BBQ’s, games, military displays, etc.

I ask that you please help to maximize our participation TODAY by strongly encouraging your Posts to register for “A Saturday Salute,” May 24. The process is simple. Here is the link to register:

Again, this is a unique opportunity that will greatly benefit our organization in a number of ways – we just have to take advantage of it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Yours in comradeship,

Bill Thien
VFW Commander-in-Chief

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