MAVO Legislative Update – 4/20/14


There are now four weeks left in this year’s legislative session.  Funding bills must be “Truly Agreed and Finally Passed” by 9 May and the session must end by 6:00 p.m. on 16 May.


The Lottery Ticket bill, HJR 48, was heard in the Senate Ways and Means Committee last Thursday with no one testifying against the bill.  MAVO and The Missouri National Guard testified for the bill along with Rep. Sheila Solon, the bill’s House sponsor.  Hopefully the bill will be reported to the Senate this week and debated before the full Senate and approved.  Please contact Sen. Ron Richard and ask that the bill be brought to the Senate floor.  Also HB 1710 was heard at the same committee hearing.  This bill would allow for a check-off on your tax return to donate to the National Guard Foundation which assists guardsmen with help in treating TBI/PTSD along with other injuries.


I hope everyone had a very happy Easter.


Rich Heigert

MAVO Legislative Chairman

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