Yellow Ribbon Event in Kansas City

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 Past Missouri VFW State Commanders, Bob Wonnell and Nancy Cowan and Depart of Missouri State Surgeon, Lance Kellogg presented the VFW story to over 200 deploying Army Reserve troops at a Yellow Ribbon in Kansas City, MO. These soldiers are deploying soon to a location where they will receive “imminent danger” pay and “hostile fire” pay. Many have previously served tours in similar situations. Once their boots touch ground in such an area they become eligible for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Their Commander will send us an email confirming that they are in the hostile area. We can hold their applications until their boots hit the ground and confirmation is received. I believe we signed up at least 6 new Life Members on Saturday and I signed up one more on Sunday.
It is always a pleasure to talk to these young men and women who are honorably serving their county during such very difficult times. I can verify these 1% of Americans are true patriots. Honor them and welcome to our Veterans of Foreign Wars family.

Picture provided by Nancy Cowan

Story provided by Bob Wonnell

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