Chaplain’s News From the C of A September 2014

From the Office of the Chaplain

September 27, 2014

The web site called the “Chaplain’s Corner” went live on September 19th. It is a well resourced site that is still in development and is intended as a living and growing information site for chaplains. The goal is not to finish it completely but to have it available to add or remove items as required.

            These resources are organized to help Post and District Chaplains understand and TRAIN the themselves and their subordinates in the responsibilities of the position of chaplain.

The hope is that any chaplain of the VFW may use this site to their best advantage to improve their ability to serve our comrades in the many areas that are required.

I welcome suggestions, so if you would like to see something added or changed you may send your suggestion to me for consideration. Questions, comments or recommended additions to the site, can be directed to Chaplain Deborah Halter at or 314-397-5662.

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Three books that a chaplain at both post and district should have:  

(regardless of internet availability)

The Podium Edition of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States – current year.             

May be purchased in the printed version or on CD from the VFW National Store at   Later in the year it will be offered in a kindle version from Amazon for those interested.

Chaplain’s Resource Manual

May be downloaded or a copy can be emailed and printed out. Hopefully someone in the post will assist the chaplains without the ability to download and print on their own.

Chaplain’s Handbook

This is the Nation VFW version of the Chaplains Handbook that is not any longer printed and/or sold but available for free as a download. Again someone will need to print it for the chaplains without the ability to download and print on their own.

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