Key Resources

 These three sources are most likely the

three most important resources a chaplain in the VFW

needs in order to accomplish their general duties.

 The complete resources are listed here for easy downloading.   They may be printed by you and will fit nicely in a binder for easy access.  I suggest you have a printed copy always available along with anything else printed that you might need.  Finding things on smart phones and tablets can be challenging in a hurry and if the internet is not available or the battery change runs out, you may not be able to use them at all.  I do have all of this saved in files on my smart phone and Kindle, but I also have a hard copy in my car.

So far as price for printing, there are some less expensive options if your post is unable to print them for you.  Many libraries offer so many pages per month free with your library card. I know that the St. Louis Public Library offers 200 pages free per month and heard that Springfield, Missouri offers copies for five cents each.  Check around.  Often talking to the manager about your job and asking for a reduction in price also will get you a break on the cost of printing.

Chaplains Resource Manual

This is the most detailed of the sources.  It would be the first one that I printed.

Chaplains Handbook

This is the formal handbook of the national VFW. It is no longer in print because it is available in several places on line for down loading and printing yourself.  If you do find a old printed copy, hold on to it!

VFW Meeting Prayers

This is a one page document that has only the prayers needed to be offered during  a VFW meeting. It can be easily printed out for use in the meeting should you wish to.