Prayer Guide

Praying in a Public Form
    The first prayers we as chaplains are responsible for reading in a group setting are the ritual prayers printed in the official VFW Documents.  The official documents are The Podium Edition of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (current year), The Chaplain’s Resource Manual, and the Prayer Pamphlet.  (The Podium Edition and the Prayer Pamphlet maybe be purchased from the VFW National StoreThe Chaplains Resource and a printable copy of the Prayer Pamphlet are also on this site under KEY RESOURCES.)
    Although many of us have these items downloaded now to our smart phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets etc., hard copies never run out of power or need an internet connection so for rituals printed copies are advised. 
Reading Ritual Prayers
    The ritual prayers printed in the official VFW documents are meant to be practiced by the chaplain so when read in front of the group the reading can be paced properly and the words said correctly.
    Please take the time to practice so you will not interrupt the flow of the ritual and folks can concentrate on the prayer and not the misreading.  Also practice allows the reader the opportunity to look up occasionally at the group and make eye contact which is important in all human interaction.
    It is common for folks to misread a or mispronounce a word and most people will flow with that.  Folks can tell however if you have not practiced.  If you find a word that you simply can not say, change it to one you can say well.
    when creating or using other prayers it is important to remember that our comrades come from a wide variety of backgrounds in faiths and that our prayers should try to include all of them in a general sense.

    This site has a variety of prayers available. Most of them are all inclusive but always read first to be sure they fit the group you will be praying with.   If they do not, then rewrite them or do not use them.  If you are going to a specific church group and you are comfortable praying in the manner they do, then your prayer may be tailored to that group.  If  you do not know or are not comfortable with the manner that group prays then stay with an all inclusive prayer.

    May all of your prayers be well received.

    The following links are items that may be helpful resources for prayer services outside of the standard rituals of the VFW.

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Other items that may be of use if you are putting together a service:

Remembering our Veterans Bulletin Insert

Veterans Day Pamphlet


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