First Ever Chaplain’s Training in Missouri

First ever Chaplain’s Training at the VFW Missouri C of A January 30th.


The effort to offer chaplain’s in the State of Missouri the training they need to be effective in their jobs, Chaplain Deborah Halter has developed a website called the Chaplain’s Corner.  The site has has many key elements to assist Chaplain’s in training for the demands of the position.   The site includes a description of the chaplaincy, lists and offers key references for download, training mini-classes, articles and additional prayers for the chaplains to use.

During the class, points of the site and the importance of Chaplains to the VFW was discussed.

class 1-b

The website was developed for training chaplain especially to train those that cannot come to training in person.  Many Chaplains out of state are finding the site as well and finding it useful as well.  It also acts as a great reference site for VFW chaplains to be able to keep themselves informed and up to date.

Additional chaplain training will be giving during the Department of Missouri Convention to be held in Springfield, Missouri June 4th though 7th.

Photos courtesy of Comrade Barbara M. Simpson

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