Pup Tent 12 (MO) Presents Henry Big Boy to Winner

On 30 March, Members of Cooties Pup Tent 12 (Missouri) presented the Henry .45 Caliber Big Boy Carbine to John Mitalovich. The transfer was completed after the final legal paperwork was completed at Doc’s Guns and Ammo in Eureka Missouri.

PT 12 - 2019 Henry Raffle

John bought his winning ticket at Overland / St Ann Post 3944 at a Chicken Dinner. Post 3944 serves as a Hosting Post for the District Wide Pup Tent 12 Cooties. Pictures from L to R are “Doc” Tim Holiday – Owner of Doc’s Guns and Ammo, Chris Weber, the Winner John Mitalovich, Rich Sax, and Joe Olson.

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One thought on “Pup Tent 12 (MO) Presents Henry Big Boy to Winner

  1. Good job PT 12…congrats to winner…Olin

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