6 thoughts on “Dennis Flynn Reaches a Milestone in Veteran Service

  1. Richard A. Palazzolo Sr. says:

    Dennis Flynn,
    I recently had another hearing test done and I would like to appeal, can you please contact me at 314-359-9247
    Thank You
    Richard A. Palazzolo Sr. (6108)

    • Richard,
      Dennis Flyn’s office moved to the old Page Ave Records Center. Here is the new contact info;
      Here is the new address for the Regional Office.

      I forwarded your Comment Notification to Dennis and advise that you make further contact with him with the Info below.

      Chris Weber
      12th District Webmaster

      Veterans of Foreign Wars
      9700 Page Avenue
      Room 1 – 027
      St. Louis, MO 63132
      Phone: (314) 253-4470
      Fax: (314) 253-4162

  2. Ineed to talk to Dennis to file a neuropathy claim for both hands.

  3. Jerry Reeves says:

    Thank you Dennis for your hard work

  4. Jerry Reeves says:

    Thank you Mr. Flynn for your hard work in handling my claim

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