Donating to the VFW National Military and Veteran Support Programs

A lot of questions arise on how and where to send donations to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Military and Veteran Support Programs. Though the donations can be mailed to the National Headquarters, there is a quicker way and you receive immediate acknowledgement of it. One can go to the VFW Website and do it electronically.

There, you can decide to let National direct the funding within that program or select one from their menu. If you just go to National’s Website and click on their “Donate” link, if you do not select to enter specific categories, it is hard telling where National will direct your Donation.  On the initial “Donate” page, there is a small link at the end of the First Paragraph stating Find out more ways to help America’s veterans. This is the link to use and if using this link, refine your selection by selecting the veteran and Military Support Link. (Direct link posted above)

As the All State Program is rapidly coming to its Deadline, I recommend sending a copy of your acknowledgement to State Headquarters to let them know action was taken (on your Post’s part).

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