Maryland Heights Post 6211 Preforms the Last Duties of their Post

It was a bittersweet day on Saturday, 16 February 2019, when Maryland Heights Post 6211 (MO) took their final steps in the Surrender of their Charter. With a long and rich history of over 70 years with several mergers in their original Charter, having aging Membership, being Homeless, and surrounded with 4 large Posts relatively close, they decided Dignity and Honor was required and essential for the Good of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

They had some critical Business to conclude as part of their Surrender and felt it best to make a Presentation to do so. They had 3 significant donations to make; to the District, to the State Veterans Officer Fund, and to the National Home. It was decided to hold this Presentation prior to the 12th District Meeting at Mehlville Post 2184. 12th District Commander Tony Laprocina introduced the Post 6211 Commander Ed Dean, State Commander Troy Williams, State Quartermaster Tom McLerran, State and District 12 Chaplain Deborah Halter, State National Home Chairman Marilynn Archuleta, Past State Commander Tom Mundell, State Auxiliary President Carolann Osterloh, 12th District President Betty Mitchem, representing Missouri Grand Cooties Mitch Mitchem, and the Members of Post 6211 in attendance. He then turned the Proceedings over to the lead of Commander Ed Dean. This Video gives the rest of the Story;

2 thoughts on “Maryland Heights Post 6211 Preforms the Last Duties of their Post

  1. As a Commander of a small post with no post home I am very sad to hear this. My thanks go out to the post for their decades of service.

    This is not a good outcome. It may be practical and necessary given the state of the situation today. This is a loss for the community. It is noted that there are 3 larger posts nearby. Will they provide the same support and concern for the community? Maybe, maybe not.

    Consolidation may be reality but it is not the answer. We need to figure our ways to keep these posts open and serving. Share members, loan talent, do what our military does, send someone TDY.

    Large posts have many more people than they have officers or projects. Some of these members would like to lean and serve. They can do so at a small post that I’d looking for one or two key members to stay open. We have to think outside the box.

    Fed Green, Commander Bay Village Post 9693

    • The large donation they gave to the National Home had some interesting detail in the contract establishing the Secured Fund when the original Post 6211 merged with Maryland Heights. The key 2 items were; 1 – it could only be used to provide funding for a new Post Home. 2 – In event of dissolution of the Post, the fund would be cashed out solely as a donation to the National Home. A merger with another Post nearby would have dissolved the Post Number.
      Dealing with this, the best solution was made. We have made efforts with the Post for a good number of years. Work with the Post Revitalization was processed and submitted with the Surrender paperwork and accepted.

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