District 12 MO Legacy Members

This page is dedicated to our District members who went above their membership to help provide for their Posts in their after life. The Legacy (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) Life Membership will provide an endowment towards the members Post with their passing, either Lump Sum or Annually. Here is a chart of the Legacy Benefits for the member while still serving the Veterans of Foreign Wars;

Legacy Benefit chart

The Legacy Members for District 12 Missouri by Post are;

Post 3944 Overland – St Ann
Thomas W Mundell – Gold
James N Thomas – Bronze (Deceased)

Post 5468 Eureka
Dennis G Fuchs-Bronze
Samuel ‘Chris’ Weber – Bronze

Post 6137 St Louis
Deborah I Halter – Gold

Post 6211 Maryland Heights
Billy J Hendrickson – Bronze
Alvin L Kueker – Silver
John R Schiermeier – Bronze

To see who else are Legacy Members in other Missouri Districts and in the other Departments;

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