Fallen Patriot Guard Rider’s Last Ride

The family of SFC Mark K. Schroeder has requested that we stand tall and silent in a flag line of respect and honor prior to the services for their loved one. It will be our privilege and honor to do so. Hero Schroeder leaves behind his wife Mary, two children as well as his siblings and an extensive list of other family and friends.

Mark was our Brother and Ride Captain for the Patriot Guard Riders in the St. Louis Area of Operation. Tragically, our Hero lost his life in a vehicle accident while selflessly serving another Veteran and his family.

During his 38 years of service to our country Hero Schroeder served in the Missouri National Guard (MONG). During his service he earned and was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal 30 yrs. Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal and the Rifle Sharpshooter badge.

Please join me in standing tall, silent and respectful in a flag line of honor for this American Warrior and PGR Brother. Stand down PGR Brother and Sergeant First Class; your watch here has been completed. Your next duty station will be to patrol the streets of Heaven. We come to thank you and honor you for your service to our nation and state. Your service allows us the freedoms we enjoy today. You will never be forgotten.

This will be a two part mission.

Part 1
Visitation: Thursday, 31 MAR 16
John L Ziegenhein & Sons Funeral Home
4830 Lemay Ferry Rd
St. Louis, MO 63129

1430 HRS (2:30 PM) to 2000 HRS (8:00 PM)
Come and go as you can!

Part 2
Funeral Staging: Friday 1 APR 16 0915 HRS (9:15 AM)
A Catholic Mass is scheduled for 1000 HRS (10:00 AM)
Assumption Catholic Church
4725 Mattis Rd
St. Louis, MO 63128

Escort: At the conclusion of services we will escort our Brother and his family to the Hallowed grounds of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for committal with full military honors. (Slot time 1130 HRS (11:30 AM)

Weather: Current forecasts calls for temps in the mid 40’s to 60’s. Ride safe, ride defensively. Cages welcome!

OVER-HYDRATE the night before as well as the morning of this mission. Coffee is not hydration!

Ride Captain: Rick “Curly” Kroeger

Flag Support: Denny “Dutchman“ Eads and Jim “Tinker”Jarzenbeck

ANY and ALL RC’s or flag support vehicles attending are requested to wear their RC headgear and assist where directed.
RJ Bailey
Missouri State Captain

Mission Request

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