VFW Podium Edition Now Available in Electronic Format

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are now carrying the VFW Podium By Laws and Manual of Procedure as Electronic Downloads.

For the Amazon Kindle Version

For the Barnes & Noble Nook Version

This should aid in getting the VFW By Laws in more hands.

It has also been announced that the VFW Post Service Officers Guide will be available shortly.

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6 thoughts on “VFW Podium Edition Now Available in Electronic Format

  1. dennis johnson says:

    please send me a link to electronic version of VFW Podium Edition

  2. What would aid in getting it in more hands is if there was a free PDF available online. Making posts buy a new one every year is a fucking ridiculous practice and with it there is no wonder that so many posts run things wrong.

    • Well, as there are a multiple of tools readily available in National’s Membership side of their Website, I feel enough free info is there. I also feel that these resources are under utilized.
      Even if the By Laws were readily available as you suggest, I would venture to say that few would taker advantage to it. The nominal fee for the either printed version, the CD, or electronic w\ill not break a Post near as much as not running the Post as a Business and being responsible with it.

      • It’s not the price of the material that I think Anon has a problem with, it’s the ease of use that a PDF file would provide. I believe it would allow more flexibility for everyone, not just leadership to be able to download a PDF and get familiar with the rules. In addition to being a lifetime member of the VFW, I am a Commander for the American Legion in Idaho and all the material that I need is in PDF form making it easy to stay current with all the changes annually. I agree with Anon, we need a wider dissemination of the material and should be able to have a PDF version available for anyone who wants to use it.

        • As far as the PDF Versions of the By Laws go with being available, is is proper for National to produce in the manner they do. Once one received the By Laws Dick, one gets the searchable method. or view by the Sections only. Very viewable and easy to manipulate.

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