Pup Tent 12 JUSTASKUS¿ Information

Pup Tent 12, JUSTASKUS¿

Cootie Logo 2

Comprised of Dedicated members throughout the Posts of 12th District of Missouri and Headquartered at Post 3944 Overland – St Ann.


CW (Mitch) Mitchem – Seam Squirrel

Ken Herron – Blanket Bum

Ronald Portis – Hide Gimlet

Al Kueker – Custodian of the Crummy Duffle Bag

David Crow – Hungry Cootie

Chris Weber – Shyster

Hallie Williams – Sky Pilot

John Ebner – 1 Year Trustee

Deborah Halter – 2 Year Trustee

Joe Olson – 3 Year Trustee

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