VFW District 15 Meeting October 26, 2014 Ladies Appreciation Day

On October 26, 2014, representatives from throughout Southeast Missouri, converged on Lilbourn, MO, Post 7183. for our quarterly district meeting. The day was special as it was also Ladies Auxiliary Appreciation Day also….a function that the district has been doing for several years to thank the ladies that help shoulder the heavy burden of operating post homes and projects. You will note the very nice flowers with which came profound thanks from post commanders…..In addition to this, in our joint meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from our Volunteer Director from the General Pershing VA Hospital (Poplar Bluff) who went over the various volunteer activities for our group to consider participating in. The district also had the pleasure of the Student Veterans Association director (member of Post 3838, Cape Girardeau) who enlightened the assemblage on what facilities were being utilized on the Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau to help facilitate our young college veterans be successful in transitioning to civilian and college life. Very informative discussion….


Following the joint meeting and a great meal, the VFW had in addition to the prescribed agenda items and following VFW protocol, a number of informative post reports and chairman reports. Special guests included: Phil Pippins and Jessie Jones – candidates for VFW Council of Administration ; Ruben Armenta and Jim Thorpe – candidates for State Surgeon. As you can tell from the pictures, we did have a great time with all our friends from our surrounding posts. Of the 19 posts in District 15, 18 were present and very active….a very productive and informative day!! Olin Parks, State Judge Advocate

Slideshow pictures provided by State Judge Advocate Olin Parks








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  1. Leechia Wilder says:

    “Appreciation” is misspelled on the main news page but not on the article page.

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