District Post Directory

Cabool, Mo VFW  Post 473 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post473

Alton, Mo VFW Post 1014 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post1014

West Plains, Mo VFW Post 1828 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post1828

Mtn View, Mo VFW Post 3009 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post3009

Hartville, Mo VFW Post 3135 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post3135

Mtn Grove,Mo VFW Post 3770 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post3770

Lebanon, Mo VFW Post 4107 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post4107

Isabella, Mo VFw Post 5366 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post5366

Ava, Mo VFW Post 5993 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post5993

Licking, Mo VFW Post 6337 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post6337

Summersville, Mo VFW Post 7222 – http://www.myvfw.org/mo/post7222

2 thoughts on “District Post Directory

  1. Please have Shelly or Gary W.McEvoy(brother) call at313-285-7019 or email haven’t heard from him in many years

  2. Please have Shelly or Gary Mcevoy call me at313-285-7019 or email long time since any contact with my brother

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