18th District VSOs Working Together.

    Here in the 18th District we have learned to work together for the good of veterans, veterans families and those that currently serve in uniform. .  We do our best to present a positive image to our communities.  The tale I am about to tell will convey our working together message.  The Dept of Mo VSIO Program began several years ago and Post 3770 Service Officer Ed Hawley was asked to be the first District 18 VSIO and he still serves in that capacity much to the betterment of District 18 and the veterans that live in the district.  The program was new and no one knew exactly how to proceed to implement the program successfully.  Comrade Hawley started seeking different events and festivals in the little towns of District 18 to set up a booth to talk to veterans.  He met with success and was able to gather many referrals to help get veterans started receiving benefits from the VA.  Bill Moriarty of Mtn View Post 3009 soon noticed and decided that Comrade Hawley was on the level and truly wanted to help veterans.  Comrade Moriarty joined Comrade Hawley in his efforts and the effort has mushroomed into a highly effective District 18 VSIO Program.  Their efforts are rewarded with the knowledge that they have made positive changes in veterans lives in District 18.  There are many upcoming fairs and festivals still to come this fall in District 18 and they have plans to be at several.  They were joined a couple of years ago by a fairly new member to Post 3770, Ruth Vaughn.  Comrade Vaughn is now the Post Service Officer for Post 3770 in Mtn Grove and the District 18 Women’s Veteran Service Officer and she has been active at many of the events that are held throughout the district as well.

    Now Comrades Hawley and Moriarty have embarked upon a new type event that they had not tried in the past.  Isabella Post 5366 and Ladies Auxiliary is working on a joint fundraiser with the “Ozark County Cruisers” to raise funds for “Wounded Warriors” and “Patriot Paws”.  This will be the 3rd Annual Cruise-In for cars, motorcycles and golf carts and Comrades Hawley, Moriarty & Vaughn will be there working a booth to contact veterans and assist them in obtaining benefits due them.


Left to right – Bill Moriarty, Shelley McEvoy and Ed Hawley at Isabella Post 5366

    Tuesday, August 28, Comrades Hawley and Moriarty traveled to Isabella Post 5366 to meet up with Ladies Auxiliary Sister Shelley McEvoy and her husband Comrade Gary McEvoy of Post 5366..  Comrade Moriarty drove over an hour to reach Comrade Hawley’s house in Norwood and then they traveled together for over an hour to reach Isabella, Mo.  All this driving and time just to plan how they would meet the upcoming event.  This is indicative of all the events they take part in – planning is the key to success.


Bill Moriarty and Ed Hawley at the site of the upcoming event.


Comrade Hawley standing in the hall of the facility where the booth will be located.


Comrade Moriarty, Sister McEvoy and Comrade Hawley with the sign of the facility the event will take place.


    The owner of Lost Woods Golf Course – Joe Edwards – in addition to being a
U. S. Marine Corps Veteran, has donated his facility, his staff and his time for this patriotic and memorable occasion.  To learn more about Lost Woods, readers can visit www.lostwoodsgolf.com .
    The venue for this years fund raiser will include cars, motorcycles and golf carts.  In addition, tickets for prime attractions in Branson will be auctioned along with other quality items plus a 50/50 drawing.  Good food will be available and prizes will be awarded for the cars, motorcycles and golf carts on display.
    The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5366 Ladies Auxiliary President Shelley McEvoy said she is both honored and blessed to be involved with a fund raiser to support our nations wounded warriors and their families.  The Isabella Ladies Auxiliary and The Ozark County Cruisers will be sponsoring this years event at the Lost Woods Golf Course located at Theodosia, Missouri or about 15 miles west of Gainesville, Missouri.
    All proceeds are to go to Wounded Warriors and Patriot Paws.
This is scheduled to occur on October 6th, 2012.  10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Entry Fees are:  Cars and Motorcycles – $10.00      Golf Carts – $5.00
Prizes:  Pro Choice (Car or Motorcycle) – $150;
Spectator’s Choice (Car & Motorcycle) – $50;
Club Participation Challenge (most members) -$100;
Spectator’s Choice – Golf Carts – $25.
First 100 entries will receive dash plaques
Contact – Vendors – Shelley  – 417-989-1455
Information – June – 417-273-5604  –  cell – 417-989-1127
Rain Date – October 7th, 2012

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