District 18 School of Instruction

Saturday, June 17, 2017 was the date for the School of Instruction for the Eighteenth District of the Department of MO VFW.  The event was held at Cabool VFW Post 473 and began promptly at 9:00 a.m.  It had been raining but the rain had ceased although it was still overcast as the meeting began but the sun was shining bright by the time the meeting was completed.  Ten posts were represented (Cabool 473, Alton 1014, Mtn View 3009, Hartville 3135, Mtn Grove 3770, Lebanon 4107, Isabella 5366, Ava 5993, Licking 6337 & Summersville 7222). There were 26 members of District 18, 2 Auxiliary members of District 18 and the special guest was newly elected Dept of Mo Commander Ruben Armenta.

District 18 CDR Russell Olewinski and Sr Vice CDR Scott Huffman

MO VFW CDR Ruben Armenta and Past MO VFW CDR Chris Johnston

District 18 CDR Olewinski reported that the School of Instruction was highly successful with great input from Mo VFW CDR Armenta and Past Mo VFW CDR Johnston.


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