2014 District 18 Convention Held at Post 473

The Dept of Mo VFW District 18 Convention was held on May 3, 2014 at Cabool, Mo VFW Post 473.  The day was sunny and pleasant.  Comrades and Sisters from across the district gathered in anticipation of comradery and a great meeting.  Cabool VFw Post 473 were great hosts and the post looked great.  The food was ample and delicious and the visiting Ladies Auxiliaries brought plenty of tasty desserts.

The business meetings began promptly at 10 am.

Debb Halter and her husband Roger Allison, both of Post 6137 in District 12 were welcome guests to the meeting and were warmly greeted and received.

There were 30 members of the 18th District present for the business meeting.

CDR Ed Halwey opened the meeting in due form and after the opening ceremonies the roll call was taken and the previous minutes read and a detailed quartermaster report was given.  Community Activity Chairman Kelley spoke on District 18 being 100% reporting in each category across the board and also was 100% in Buddy Poppies, VSO donations, NMS donations, quarterly audits submitted, websites updated and more.  He stated that thanks to the dedication of the posts District 18 really shines.

Legislative Chairman Charlie Dickinson gave a report from the legislative process in the state and reported that 8 million dollars had been added to the fund for the Veterans Homes. He also stated that the Lottery Bill was now out of the Senate committee and should be voted on before the end of the session.

Elections were held and the following members were installed to their respective offices – Ed Hawley – District 18 Commander; Edd Linneberger – Sr-Vice CDR; Russell Olewinki – Jr-Vice CDR; Ruth Vaughn – Quartermaster; Vernon “Butch” LaMont – Judge Advocate; Jim Gould – Chaplain; Danny Brown – Surgeon; and John Jeffers – 3 Yr Trustee.


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The installation was performed by Debb Halter.  Comrade Halter is a Past District Commander of District 11 in Mo and CDR Hawley invited her to attend the meeting specifically to perform the installation, but he had not warned her of his intentions and it caught her quite by surprise.

Following the installation the session moved on to Good of the Order and it was mentioned that the Traveling Wall will be in Licking, Mo on July 4 – 8, Post 3135 will be holding its annual fundraiser fish fry on May 31 and Post 1828 has sold its post home and will be meeting in the American Legion Building in the future.

CDR Hawley invited Comrade Halter to address the membership and she gave an update and preview of the National Convention which will be held in her District 12 (St Louis) in July.  She also told us of her campaign for Dept of Mo Chaplain and how she was going to work hard and further the mission of the Chaplain to include training for Post Chaplains.

The business meeting was then closed and members were release to go outside and visit while we patiently waited for the Ladies Auxiliary meeting to end before lunch..

Debb Halter and Ed Hawley.

District 18 Ladies Auxiliary President for 2014-15 Judy Hutchison and District 18 Commander 2014-15 Ed Hawley.  Fine leadership will continue to make the 18th District shine.

Sheila Allen was the Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary official representative and is running for Sr-Vice President for the incoming year.

Outgoing District 18 Ladies Auxiliary President Helen “Susie” Dodds and Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary Jr-Vice President Sheila Allen.

Hazel Linneberger of Ladies Auxiliary 4107 in Lebanon is running for Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary Jr-Vice President and Chris Johnston of VFW Post 1014 in Alton is running for Dept of Mo Jr-Vice Commander.  Both have been leaders of District 18 and the 18th District proudly endorse both of them and wish them much success in their rise to the top.

Ava Ladies Auxiliary had such a fine looking group of members to the meeting that I just had to include their photo here.  The Ava Ladies Auxiliary is very committed to their post and serving veterans and the community.  They are also a very integral part of the 18th District with many District Presidents coming from that Auxiliary. 

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