District 18 Attends Voice of Demoracy Banquet

The weekend of February 2, 2013 was the VFW Mo Council of Administration meeting and is also traditionally the time of the annual Voice of Democracy Banquet  where the winners of the Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen and Teacher of the Year are announced.  It is tradition that the District Commander and the District Ladies Auxiliary President present their candidates in a formal entrance.

    Here is our District 18 Ladies Auxiliary President Hazel Linneberger of Lebanon Post 4107 and District 18 Commander Chris Johnston of Alton Post 1014 nervously waiting time for the entrance.

And here is the Ladies Auxiliary President and District 18 Commander flanking District 18 VOD winner Lincoln Connell of Norwood School.  Connell was sponsored by Mtn Grove VFW Post 3770 and placed 2nd in the statewide competition.

Photos supplied courtesy of Past State CDR Bob Wonnell.


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