District 18 War Memorials – Hartville – Wright County

As you drive into Hartville, Mo, home of VFW Post 3135 you can’t help but notice many memorials of past wars. 

If you enter from the north on Hwy 5 one of the 1st things you will see is a welcome sign for Wright County. Mentioned is a Confederate Mass Grave. 

Hartville is the home of JIMMIE LEE MARLER who is an artist.  Over the Wright County Historical Society building is Mural of a Confederate Officer praying over a Bible. 

Another mural that Jimmie Marler painted is located on the side of Subway.  This painting depicts captured Confederate soldiers guarded by Union soldiers. 

Then on further south across from Lazy Lee’s is another mural of a Union Soldier.

In the Wright County courtyard  (where Post 3135 places about 20 US Flags on special days) are two memorials.  The 1st one is at the steps.  It has  two sides and tells a brief history of the area. 

Further up the stairs is another two-sided memorial.  One side lists the local servicemen killed in World Wars I & 2. 

On the other side it lists those killed in the Korean & Vietnam wars, and also a local soldier who died in the Pentagon during 9/11.

In the Steele Cemetery is a memorial about the Battle of Hartville during the Civil War.

Stepping further into the cemetery you can see a memorial stone marking the Confederate Mass Grave.

Going further south across the river is a recent Blue Star Memorial.


Photos and accompanying stories were provided by Hartville VFW Post 3135 Commander Charles Jones

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