District 18 War Memorials – Mtn Grove – Wright County

    I have found 8 War Memorials in Mtn Grove, Mo thus far and will attempt to place them in chronological order beginning with the oldest on top.  If anyone has any further information to add to any of these it would be welcome.

Southeast Corner of the Public Square

South side of the statue of a civil war soldier.  No date on this statue but it appears to have inscriptions added after it was first erected.

Inscription on the south side.

North side of the statue has an inscription that must have been added afterwards.

Inscription on the north side.

Brass tag on the northeast corner of the soldier base and hard to get to.


Northwest Corner of the Public Square

East side of statue.  This statue has a date of 1922 on it and is obviously a “Dough Boy”

Inscription on east side.

South side of statue.

Inscription on south side.


Cedar Center at the old University of Missouri Poultry Experiment Station.

Erected May 30, 1923

West side of base – original.

Plaque added when rededicated on November 11, 2011This flagpole is 75 feet tall.


Hillcrest Cemetery on the north edge of Mtn Grove.

Plaque on base states 1954 by the American Legion.


Northeast Corner of the Public Square

Facing northeast the WWII casualties from this area.

Facing northwest the Korea casualties from this area

Facing south the Vietnam casualties from this area.

The Memorial was built and is maintained by Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3770 of Mtn Grove, Mo.  It was dedicated on May 27, 1985.


Tri-County Fairgrounds on the east side of Mtn Grove, Mo.

    This flagpole was built and dedicated to the veterans of Desert Storm.  Jarrett T. Conkin proposed this at a regular meeting of VFW Post 3770 and it was voted on and approved to erect this flagpole at the Tri-County Fairgrounds.  The comrades of Post 3770 performed the physical labor including welding, sanding, painting and installing.  It was dedicated on July 4, 1991 during the opening ceremonies of the Tri-County Fair.  It has been the scene of a “Colors Ceremony” each year since to officially open the Tri-County Fair.  It is maintained by the Mtn Grove VFW..


North side of the Mtn Grove Public Square

    This tree is a direct descendant of the Green Ash tree that grew in the yard of the boyhood home of Dwight D. Eisenhower, General and President and is dedicated to the veterans of WWII. It was planted and dedicated on May 28, 2001 This project was led by Comrades Jarrett T Conkin and Carl Swenson.

East side of the Mtn Grove Public Square

This is a Cleveland Pear Tree and is dedicated to the veterans of the Korean War.  It was an idea presented by Comrade Georg Andersen at a regular meeting of the Mtn Grove VFW. The idea was quickly approved.   It was planted and dedicated on July 27, 2011.  Korean War veterans got to throw the first shovelfuls of dirt in the hole followed by other veterans, city official, business officials, Ladies Auxiliary members and members of the Junior Girls Unit and Mtn Grove Boy Scouts.






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