August 2 Meeting of District 18

    The August 2, 2008 meeting of District 18, Department of Mo, Veterans of Foreign Wars was held at Mountain Grove Post 3770.  The Mtn Grove VFW had placed all its flags on display in front of the post home to greet the visitors from around the District.

    The first driver to arrive was Post 4107 Quartermaster and District 18 Sr-vice Commander Vernon "Butch" LaMont, he had already disembarked the riders he carried with him.  The Lebanon Post 4107 Commander Cliff Amos rode with him along with two Sisters of the Lebanon Ladies Auxiliary but I failed to get their names.

    The new quartermaster of Roby Post 10967, Keith Stoltenow, attended and came riding in on a 600cc Honda.  "It was a nice day for a ride." he said.

    A few photos of some of the Comrades and Sisters arriving and signing in.

    District 18 Commander Charlie Dickinson introducing Dept of Mo Commander Tom Hartman to the District meting.  Dist 18 QM Ed Hawley is seated.
    Commander Hartman informed the members gathered of the new "All-State" requirements and that this year "White Hats" will not be awarded but instead a plaque to display in the post home will be awarded.  Commander Hartman told us of the continuing need for donations to the Veterans Service Officer fund and the great amount of good it does for the state's veterans.

    Commander Hartman presented the "White Hat" for "All State" to the only post in District 18 to earn the award for 2007-08.  It was presented to Norman Virtue, Quartermaster of Post 3135, Hartville.

    Commander Hartman went on to present other awards to the various Posts in  District 18.  Some Sisters of the Ladies Auxiliary had to accept the awards for the Posts since there were no members of the Post present. Photos are below.  Right click and then choose 'view image' from the drop down and it will show the photos in full size.


    And then 18th District Ladies Auxiliary President Susie Dodds called upon Dept Commander Hartman to present the Ladies Auxiliary awards since there was no representative present from the Dept level of the Ladies Auxiliary.  Photos are below.
Again , this time in reverse, some Comrades accepted the awards on behalf of their Ladies Auxiliary because there were no Sisters of that Auxiliary present.  Some of the photos are not what I would like but the Ladies seem to move pretty fast.

    After all the awards were given out Commander Hartman talked to those gathered for a bit and then the meeting adjourned.  Below are some photos of some of the Comrades and Sisters leaving.


    Dept of Missouri Jr-Vice Commander Joe Lundy arrived in this car.

    All District Officers were present with the exception of the 3 year Trustee. The Commanders of Posts 473, 1014, 3009, 3770, 4107, 5993 and 10967 were present.  Absent were the Commanders of Posts 1828, 3135, 5366, 6337, 6508, and 7222.  The Quartermasters of Posts 473, 1014, 3135, 3770, 4107, and 10967 were present.  The Service Officers of Posts 473, 1014, 3770 were present.  Post 1828 had a representative present.  Total attendance was 68.  The District attendance was 34 with one guest and the Ladies Auxiliary attendance was 33.

    A great meal was provided and there was plenty to eat.


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