Dist 18 February Meeting Report

    The business meeting began promptly at 10:00 with opening ceremonies by District 18 Commander Charles Dickinson.    Dept Surgeon Bob Wonnell was the official Department of Missouri representative attending the meeting but Dept Jr-Vice Commander Joe Lundy was also in attendance.
    District 18 Service Officer Ed Hawley reported that District 18 had completed 52 referrals and 6 benefits days and  as a result of the efforts had gained 19 new members in District 18.

    The revised  District 18 "Standing Rules" that were presented at the last meeting were approved by the members present.
    Action was taken to hold a District 18 Golf Tournament as a fundraiser.  Committee members were appointed and they are:  Ray Madche, Bill Moriarty, Charles Dickinson, Ed Hawley and Chris Johnson.  If you wish to assist contact a committee member.

    Surgeon Wonnell spoke to the members under "Good of the Order" about the coming "Dues Round-Up" which will take place on February 28-March 1.  He covered legislation that has been introduced in the Missouri legislature and he talked at length on the Veteran Service Officer program and how the Department of Missouri VFW is the leader in the nation for assisting veterans in obtaining benefits.

    The members are paying close attention as Surgeon Wonnell speaks.

    Post 3770 Sr-Vice Commander Lyman "Pete" Proctor is handing a donation for the Veteran Service Officer Fund to Dept Surgeon Bob Wonnell.

    The business session was closed and we adjourned for lunch.  Post 1828 of West Plains provided an excellent lunch of ham, fried chicken with accompanying vegetables and the visiting members of the Ladies Auxiliary provided a multitude of salads and desserts.


    Following lunch the joint session of the meeting was opened by Dist Commander Dickinson.  He then turned the meeting over to Sr-Vice Commander / Youth Chairman Vernon "Butch" LaMont .

    Comrade LaMont introduced and presented the First place District  18 Voice of Democracy to Mark Angst of Conway, Mo, sponsored by Post 4107 of Lebanon, who then gave his speech.

    Second place Voice of Democracy 18th District went to Timothy Church of Alton, Mo and he was sponsored by Post 1014 of Alton.  He then presented his speech.

    Margaret Golden of Norwood, Mo received third place honors in the18th District  Voice of Democracy competition.  She was sponsored by Post 3770 of Mtn Grove.  She also presented her speech following receipt of the award.

    Comrade LaMont followed the Voice of Democracy awards by presenting the First Place 18th District Patriot's Pen award to Nacona Jackson of Isabella, Mo. She was sponsored by Post 5366 of Isabella.  Ms Jackson read her essay also.  The second and third place winners were not present.

    Teacher Teresa Oliphant, sponsored by Post 3135 of Hartville, received the Teacher of the Year Award for 18th District in the Junior High division.  The award for the Senior High division was presented to Kenna Kenworth, sponsored by Isabella Post 5366, but she was not present.

    Addressing the joint session after the awards was Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary Guard Rebecca Strauss and she was followed by Surgeon Bob Wonnell.  Commander Dickinson then closed the meeting and announced the next meeting would be held on April 25, 2009 at Post 473, Cabool.  Meeting to be opened at 10:00 a. m.

    If anyone needs a copy of the revised "Standing Rules'"contact the District Adjutant at adjdist18@mo.vfwwebmail.com

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