District 18 August 4, 2012 Meeting

   The August 4, 2012 meeting of the 18the District, Department of Missouri, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Ladies Auxiliary was held at Cabool, Missouri Post 473.  The meeting started promptly at 10:00 a.m. and opened in due form by District CDR Chris Johnston of Alton, Mo Post 1014.  All District 18 Officers were present and 10 of the 11 posts in the district were represented with only West Plains Post 1828 participating.  Previous minutes were read and approved and the Quartermaster gave a detailed report of all receipts and expenditures and was accepted be a vote of the members present as well.

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    District 18 VSIO Ed Hawley of Mtn Grove, Mo Post 3770 gave the service officers report and told that last year the posts in the district had a total of 273 Service Officer events and made 237 referrals.  He went on to report that the district has already had 41 events for this year.

    District 18 POW/MIA Chairman Bill Moriarty of Mtn View Post 3009 stated that there was  issues with post commanders not responding to communications from his office.

    Mtn Grove Post 3770 CDR Archie presents a check for $1200.00 for the State VSO Fund to Dept Sr-Vice CDR Lyle Seelinger as District 18 CDR Chris Johnston observes.

    Dept of Mo Sr-Vice Commander Lyle Seelinger addresses the comrades present during the meeting.

    District 18 CDR Chris Johnston presents the written text to go with the award that Comrade Bill Moriarty received from National C-I-C for his outstanding service as Mountain View Post 3009 Service Officer.  Comrade Moriarty always goes the extra miles to help veterans and their families throughout the district.

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    The above slide show is of the posts accepting awards for the work done the previous year.

    There were 42 members of District 18 present and 3 guests.  The guests were Dept Sr-Vice CDR Lyle Seelinger,

Dept Chaplain Nancy Cowan who announced her candidacy for Dept Surgeon

and Dist 2 CDR Dan Myers who announced his candidacy for Dept Chaplain.  All had the opportunity to address the District.

    Following the meeting of District 18 the District joined the Ladies Auxiliary for a great meal and short joint meeting before all were adjourned to travel home.  All look forward to the next District 18 meeting and getting to see friends once again. The slide show below is of the meal and the brief meeting afterwards.

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One thought on “District 18 August 4, 2012 Meeting

  1. Cabool is always a fun post to visit…many thanks for your hospitality…gives everyone a boost…..

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