District 18 War Memorials – Carter County

Comrade Bill Moriarty of Post 3009 Mtn View, Mo started this ball rolling by submitting this photo of the Memorial in Van Buren, County seat of Carter County, Missouri.  I am now asking all posts to submit photos and a brief story of the War Memorials in all of District 18.  If we all get on this we can be the first District in Missouri to accomplish this task.  Please help by submitting the photos and story to the District 18 Adjutant.  Thanks Bill for getting this started.


Greetings from Van Buren!  Van Buren is the County seat for Carter County.  The monument is located on the grounds of the Court House.  The names of World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War service personnel who died in these wars are inscribed on the monument.  American flags are placed around the monument on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  The flag pole, a portion which can be seen over the right shoulder of the soldier atop the monument, also flies the POW/MIA flag in addition to the American flag and the State of Missouri flag.

Bill Moriarty, VFW Post 3009

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