Gift for your veteran for Christmas?


    Trying to think of a gift for your veteran for Christmas?  How about a gift that will last a lifetime?  A Life Membership in the one and only veterans organization that is dedicated to helping veterans and their families.  A Life Membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America is the perfect choice.  Your veterans’ membership in this great organization will continue our dedication to ensure veterans benefits are secure for generations to come.  To provide the one Christmas present that will last your veteran his or her entire lifetime go to and click on membership.  If you’d rather do it in person, contact your local VFW Post and ask any VFW member for an application.

 In order for dues to be processed by the end of the year you must have all membership transmittals at National no later than December 21, 2009.

 Do not wait till the last minute to pay your dues or to transmit new or reinstate membership applications.

 Many or our Posts need 10 or less to be 100%.  What are you waiting for?

 Have a Post Service Officer Event!  Have a Veterans Benefit Fair!  Get qualified Veterans to come to you.

 When they come to your event/fair you are helping veterans and their families and you can meet your membership goals.

 “Veterans Helping Veterans” That’s what we do.

 Bob Wonnell

 Membership Chairman

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