Leadership Academy held in District 18

    The  Department of Missouri VFW first ever Leadership  Academy was held on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at Mtn Grove VFW Post 3770.  Department Officers attending were CDR Olin Parks, Sr-Vice CDR Phil Pippins, Jr-Vice CDR Lyle Seelinger, Quartermaster/Adjutant Jessie Jones, Surgeon Tom Mundell and Judge Advocate Jerry Jones. 

    Tw guests from out of District 18 attended Marianne Seelinger wife of Jr-Vice Seelinger and the current District 15 Commander Levi Woods Jr of Post 6407 Scott City, Missouri.
    District 18 has 11 posts and of those posts 9 were represented.

    Starting the meeting off State CDR Olin Parks presented District 18 CDR Chris Johnston of Alton Post 1014 with the District 18 Commander cover.  (left to right)  Past State CDR and current ADJ/QM Jessie Jones, District 18 CDR Chris Johnston, current State CDR Olin Parks and past State Commander and current Judge Advocate Jerry Jones.
    The academy continued with the advice to use the resources available and to have a "Fire in your Belly" to do things right.

    An open book test was given on the By-laws, Ritual and Manual of Procedure. 50 true or false questions and then a review was led my Jr-Vice Seelinger  of the answers and the reasons for the proper answer.  This part led to quite a bit of discussion.
    CDR Parks then spoke on the Men's Auxiliary and the need to look ahead to the future 5 – 10 years down the road and how the Men's Auxiliary can supplement a post and aid in fulfilling the mission of the VFW.
    Marianne Seelinger talked to us about the Ladies Auxiliary and how important they are to a successful VFW Post and stressed the need to maintain good communications between the two organizations.

    Sr-Vice Pippins addressed the gathering about the "Yellow Ribbon" events and Demeters Blue Book of Parliamentary Procedure and how it is our guide to how a meeting is to be conducted.
    Surgeon Tom Mundell led an interesting discussion on "What would you do if?" and he presented some examples that were discussed.
    ADJ/QM Jones and Judge Advocate Jones joined in when their expertise was needed.

    The academy began at 10:00 a.m. and the first break was taken at 12:30.  The session ended just before 2:30 p.m.

    District 18 CDR Chris Johnston in his District 18 CDR cover.

  State CDR Olin Parks and State QM/ADJ Jessie Jones enjoying a chance to get outside during the break.

The photos in the slide show below give but a hint about a fine, productive Leadership Academy.

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