May 1, 2010 District 18 Meeting

Minutes of District 18, Dept of Mo, VFW

Meeting held on May 1, 2010 at Mtn Grove Post 3770

1000:  Opening Ceremonies by CDR LaMont
1004:  Roll Call of Officers – All District Officers Present – 10 Posts represented – 8 Commanders       Present.  42 members present – no guests.

1010:  Previous Minutes read and approved.
1014:  Quartermaster Report – presented and approved
1016:  Post Commanders Reports

1030:  CDR LaMont reviewed District Standings.  Informed members that District 18 needs only 7 more members for 100%
1035:  Rememberance of National Home
1037:  Old Business

1038:  New Business
           Election of Officers for the 2010-2011 year
    Commander – Vernon “Butch” LaMont     Post 4107

    Sr-Vice Commander – Chris Johnston    Post 1014
    Jr-Vice Commander – Shannon Willhaus     Post 5993

    Quartermaster – Edward Hawley         Post 3770
    Judge Advocate – Charles Dickinson        Post 3135

    Surgeon – Gene Crites            Post 5993
    Chaplain – Richard Wodinowich        Post 1014

    Officer of the Day – Ed Linneberger        Post 4107
    Guard – Scott Overholser            Post 3770

    1 Year Trustee – John Jeffers            Post 4107
3 Year Trustee – Darrell Kochis        Post 3770

Commander LaMont appointed Iris Joe Kelley of Post 3770 as Adjutant and Edward Hawley of Post 3770 as Service Officer
Lone Ballot cast  by Adjutant Kelley

Installation of Officers by Past District Commander Charlie Dickinson
1105:  Good of the Order

1.  Comrade Willhaus spoke on the Korean War Veterans Association magazine having an article about the MIA that was returned to Douglas County.

2.  CDR LaMont presented 100% Shirts to Post 5993 and Post 7222
3.  CDR LaMont explained the need to follow the by-Laws and the Chain of Command.
4.  Comrade Kelley explained that all communications would be online and all posts have to figure out how to access the information.  Post CDRs, QMs, and ADJs all have Dept based email addresses for receiving communications from Dept.
5.  Comrade Overholser spoke about the “Honor Flight” Program

6.  CDR LaMont spoke on the VSO Program.
1130:  Closing Ceremonies.

School of Instruction to be held at Ava Post 5993 on Saturday July 17 at 10 a.m.
District meetings for coming year:
 August 7 – Lebanon Post 4107,

 November 6 – Mtn View Post 3009,
January 29 – West Plains Post 5993, 
May 7 – Ava Post 5993

Below are more photos taken during the day.

  District 18 President addresses the "Joint meeting" while (sitting) Dept of Mo Ladies Auxiliary Jr-Vice President Lora Daily waits her turn.

    The installation of District Officers was held outside because of the lack of room and the fact that the weather was pleasant at the time.  It had rained previous and rained again later.

    A great meal was served, the meat was catered by "The Patio" of Mtn Grove and consisted of smoked chicken, ribs and pulled pork.  The Ladies Auxiliaries of the District brought salads and desserts to supplement the spread of vegetables, breads and drinks provided by the Ladies Auxiliary of Post 3770.  There were more than 71 people that ate and everyone had their fill and more.

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