Membership Letter from Sr-Vice Dave Morgan

To All Dist and Post Commanders

We are now beginning our membership drive by trying to contact all your members at your posts by cards or by phone or by letter stating welcome back to your post and also the ones that did not sign up last year, please try to get them on board as soon as possible. Let’s have one big membership drive between now and September 29th and let’s celebrate VFW Day on September 29th.
    Try to host an open house at your post. Invite your VFW members and families and local veterans. Have a recognition dinner or lunch, host a post dinner or lunch to honor members and their families. Start promoting your event at your post 4-6 weeks in advance. Let’s all celebrate VFW Day on September 29th which originated September 29, 1899. 13 veterans of the 7th Infantry Regiment met in Columbus, OH to form a Veteran’s Association which later became the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars.— Let’s sign them up!!

Dave Morgan
Membership Chairman
Sr. Vice Commander

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