New Look to the VFW WebCom Network

    A new, cleaner, more user friendly template came to the VFW WebCom Network for Missouri.  It has been placed across the board on not only the Department of Missouri  WebLog but also on all Mo District and Post WebLogs.

    You will find a bar across the top of this WebLog containing words that are actually serving as ‘buttons’.  Hover your arrow over each one slowly to reveal the drop down menu of links contained in each one.   You will notice some of the links in the drop down menus have arrows beside them, these contain links relevant to the subject. 
    Take your time, look around and try all that might interest you.  You will find it very easy to navigate.  Please leave a comment letting us know how you feel about the new look..
    If you have not yet done so, take the time now to download and use the Dept of Mo ToolBar.  It is very user friendly will not harm your computer.  The Dept of Mo makes some revenue from the use of the ‘search’ that is on the ToolBar.  I have used it for a long time and think the ToolBar search works great and I know that by using it I am helping the Dept of Mo. You can find the latest entries made to the VFW WebCom Network by using the ToolBar.

    I invite you to join the My VFW WebCom you will find under the "Social" button and also the VFW Membership Forum.  The ToolBar and other subjects are covered quite extensively on the VFW Membership Forum.

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