What's new at E-Membership for Post Quartermasters?

* Payment Profile. You can now create a payment profile in eMembership and use it to make on-line dues payments. As a Quartermaster, you can tell us what account you prefer for making payments, and we’ll keep it securely on file electronically, saving you from having to enter it each time. Go to "Manage Account" and "Add Your New Payment Profile." You can enter a bank account or a credit card account number. Then when renewing members or adding new members, select your payment profile to make the payment.

* New member form. When entering new members, the qualifying information is now provided in a drop down menu format. This makes the on-line form similar to the new written application. This change helps us to keep the data uniform, and it makes completing the form faster and easier.

* Entering member credit cards. Quartermasters are no longer required to have CVC/CVS codes when entering member credit card numbers. We ask that you verify the card holder’s number and enter it accurately. Please handle and store applications appropriately to protect your members’ sensitive information.

* New, improved email confirmation. When you complete a transaction on eMembership, you will immediately receive an email summarizing your transaction. This confirmation email includes the names of members renewed and the total amount of the charge.

* New features available for members. Our members can now make installment plan payments on line. We’ve also made it easier for them to set up a profile and use it to automatically pay on their installment plan or their annual dues.

VFW eMembership Team



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