Women of the Armed Forces of the US

    If you served in an overseas area, received imminent danger or hostile fire pay, take pride in your foreign military service by joining  the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

    Perhaps you have thought the Veterans of Foreign Wars as an organization composed mainly of men. But the truth is that thousands of women veterans are also active members of  the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    You’ve earned it – connect with other female veterans in the VFW. Let your voice be heard. Become a leader in our great organization.
    For more information contact : RUTH VAUGHN, 417-967-0608  DISTRICT 18 VFW WOMENS CHAIRMAN.  E-MAIL ADDRESS womeninthevfwdist18@mo.vfwwebmail.com  

     MS. Vaughn, is a District  18 Trustee  and VFW POST 3770 Mountain Grove, Junior-Vice Commander as well as Post Service Officer, Apply for the veterans benefits you have earned and join an elite organization.


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