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NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE SERVICE 1. Tough Fight Still Awaits New GI Bill 2. House Passes Vet Bills 3. Senate Healthcare Hearing 4. Congress in Recess NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS 1. House Approves FY09 NDAA 2. House Honors POWs 3. Korean War MIAs Identified 4. Reserve Component Mobilization NATIONAL VETERANS SERVICE 1. Memorial Day 2008 To […] Continue reading →

New Look to the VFW WebCom Network

    A new, cleaner, more user friendly template came to the VFW WebCom Network for Missouri.  It has been placed across the board on not only the Department of Missouri  WebLog but also on all Mo District and Post WebLogs.     You will find a bar across the top of this WebLog containing words […] Continue reading →